ExtrAXION Rebars

The software tool that allows the rapid, high precision measurement of steel reinforcement, directly from the drawings.

The measurements of the reinforcement bars can be made on any structural drawing and regardless of the software program used to generate it.

It can be used for all types of reinforced concrete jobs. It is designed for quantity surveyors, estimators, civil engineers, builders and contractors who need to have accurate data on the quantities of reinforcement required.


Build a flexible folder-like layout and add the drawings according to project structure.

The rebar measurements are organized in a tree-like view with structural elements, sub-structural elements and the steel bars at the lowest level.

Easily check for any errors or omissions either on the drawing or on the tree-view to identify any bars that have not been measured.


Steel bars can be measured in different ways. Draw/select their segments on the drawing or select the respective figure from the library and specify each side’s length.

Each steel bar belongs to a structural element and is automatically given a code. The user specifies the rebar size, link it to a BOQ item and indicate whether it is a main, additional or auxiliary reinforcement.

Optionally set the rebar rotation for a better fit in the resulting tables.

Provide the length of a dimension that a rebar is repeated e.g. across the dimension of a slab, and the total number of rebars is automatically calculated.


Generate detailed reinforcement tables by selecting the rebars to be included.

Export the tables in xls format.


More than 150 ready-made reinforcement shapes with default values built by experienced civil engineers are provided.

Users can add new or modify existing shapes to cover any specific cases.

Metric and Imperial bar sizes tables are available.